Bike Mania is a motorcross racing game with easy controls.
A good game for your device.


The goal in this game is to bring your little guy to the door at the end of the level. In order to be able to get there you need to carry the blocks in each level around and try to build a way. The problem is that you can only walk up 1 block in height that means you need to buil stairways in order to reach doors that are high above the ground. 

Most of the time you have to think couple of moves ahead otherwise you'll get stuck and won't be able to finish a level. Some of you might know Block Dude from their old Calculator but this version is way better than the old one and has way better controls. 

To sum it up: this game is really fun. The levels look like they were built with Tetris and you have to think really strategically to finish a level.


Mahjong Madness is a really good Mahjong game for your Android device. In this game you have to find matching pairs to delete the tiles. Your goal is to clear the whole field. But there's a little twist to this. You can only select specific tiles. A tile can only be selected if it only touches other tiles with one of its lang sides. If two other tiles are touching the long sides of the tile it can not be selected. You don't need to care about the shorter top and bottom sides.

You need a lot of skill and training in order to finsih all the level in this game but it's definately worth it. Mahjong Madness is one of the best Mahjong games I've seen on mobile devices and it's definately worth checking out.


In Mini Motor Racing you steer a little car that behaves like one of these remote controlled cars that we all had when we were smaller. But this game isn't nearly as boring as these remote controlled cars have been. Here your car has some really cool features like Nitro boost to give you extra power while overtaking.

The more races you win the more upgrades you can buy for your cars to make it even faster and win even more races. Everyone who is into racing games that differ from the standard simulations like Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport should really check this game out.


Bubble Blast 2 is a really nice bubble game for your Android device. 

In this game you have to remove alle the bubble from the screen by tapping on them. Everytime you tap on a bubble all bubbles with the same color which touch the tapped bubble disappear. 

At the beginning this seems to be a very easy game but the longer you play the harder it gets. You have to think about every move you make because you only have a certain number of moves available every level. You need to create big chain reactions in order to finish a level.


You always wanted to play the classical Tetris on your Android phone? Well, here it is!

I guess Tetris is a game, everybody knows so I'm not gonna give a long speech about it. In short: You have to make rows using the pieces falling down. If the blocks touch the upper part of the screen - you lose.

This is the orignal Tetris game, published by EA so you're not gonna play any old wanna-be game. This is the real deal.But of course we all know EA - this is not a free game unfortunately. 

But you can get this game for just $2,99 so it shouldn't be a big problem. One Starbucks coffee less and there you have it.


One of THE classic games!

Of course there's no excuse why a game like Cut the Rope wouldn't make it to this page. It has become one of the go-to games if you're talking about mobile gaming.

Your goal is very simple: Feed the little cute monster its sweets. You do this by cutting the rope the candy is hanging on. You have to time your cut very precise otherwise you might miss and the candy falls down. 

On your way you have to collect stars. In each level you can collect as many as three stars with your candy. So you not only have to watch for the candy to fly into the monster's mouth but also that it collects as many stars as possible.


This is another of those fun little games if you have 5 minutes and don't know what to do. 

The game is really simple, all you have to do is eat all of those little ducks. You do this by shooting your shark through the different levels and by hoping that you got the force and the angle right so that it eats all those little yellow guys.

Can you eat all the ducks and save Sharky's girlfriend Sally?


The newest member of the Angry Birds family brings you a whole lot of new gameplay elements such as gravity.

The basic goal in the game is the same as in every ther Angry Birds game. You have to defeat the evil pigs by shooting them with your birds. But this time everything's a little different.

In Angry Birds Space you shoot your birds through space and have to look out for the gravity of the different planets.

All in all the game is a really good addition to the Angry Birds franchise and is really fun to play. Definately a must buy!


It has arrived - Finally!

We've waited a long time but now we can play the awesome game Temple Run on our Android phones as well. For far to long it has been trapped inside the iOS world but finally it was released.

In Temple Run you have to run from a horde of angry monkey-like reatures. On your run you have to jump, duck and dodge from side to side as well as collect coins, with which you can buy upgrades and different characters.

Temple Run is one of the most addicting games I've ever played and it is definately a must have for every Android User.

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